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Quicker for Limited Companies

If you are responsible for compiling the books or even a business owner who does the bookkeeping then the system can work for you to make your life easier and quicker.

Imagine entering the data onto a bookkeeping package and having access to real-time up to date data so that you can keep constant check on the accounts, liabilities or say, complete the VAT Return with a click of a button. The system can do this and a lot more to help you save time.


  • Easy to use interface and menu system
  • Ability to select and print out various reports
  • Prepare VAT Returns and keep check on Tax/PAYE liabilities
  • Print out Sales Invoices
  • Access system on any computer with an Internet connection
  • No need to back up – no disks required
  • Data is completely secure and backed up
  • Monthly reports to provide to managers
  • Accountancy support (depends on package)

If you have a multi site business spread geographically around the country or even internationally then with our system you can have a separate account for each business so that they can be administrated individually if required. At the same time the figures are fed into a global super user account so that the figures are aggregated together to provide an overall real-time picture.

  • Provides multi-site accounting functions.
  • Provides each location individual bookkeeping package
  • Super-user able to manage all sites easier
  • Extract real-time analysis of financial data

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